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We can learn together on Skype or meet in Warsaw, Poland


Together we will deal with any maths, physics, statistics or economics case to get you ready for your exam!

We can communicate by skype (or other comm), I can send you PDF with explanations by email or we can meet face-to-face around Warsaw (Poland) and maybe London, Berlin etc.

I can help you with any area of math and physics as well tutoring your IB Mathematics, Economics or Physics EXPLORATION

About me

Double Degree in Physics and Economics from Warsaw University with more than 25 years of experience in helping others understand math, physics, stats and economics.

I am also general aviation pilot and quite experienced internet startup creator: www.eBilet.pl - ticketing system with almoust 2x10^6 users established by myself in 2001 - 2009.

How do I help?

We will catch up with the program, wherever you are, preparing you for your exams.

I can offer you tutoring with any kind of university level entrance exams as well as IB, SAT, CATs tests.

You'll get full mental support with hands-on approach for the best results on your tests!

While we are on skype, the camera shows the paper where I draw all the solutions so you can see how the case is solved. After our lesson I scan all drafts and send you PDF file.

I also use virtual boards and other tools like wacom pen but the video on-line is the best option.

How much?

One-on-one lesson on Skype in english (maths, physics and economics):

When meeting face to face (Warsaw, Poland), there's a posibillity to team up to lower the cost. You can make a group of your friends up to 3 students and share the cost given above.

"In 1989, thanks to Piotr's physics tutoring, I was able to pass the exam to a medical school. We used to attend the same class in high school. I got a 100% on the exam then and today I am a medical doctor and as for Piotr, together we fly over the Warsaw sometime! :-)"

— Piotr Ostrowski, MD, PhD

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